Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Butterfly Tutorial Lesson 5

Here we add a layer of white. One can work even faster on this layer because it will be covered by both the blue and pink layers. You can see that I allowed quite a bit of overlap here.
This a a basic approach we can use with this type of painitng. Each successive layer will be below the preceding ones and allows for quick addition of the color field. We could expand on this process, by adding smaller areas of more detail and extending our color palette to more hues. For our purposes here, this is enough detail and is sufficient to demonstrate the process.
This is an approach that can be used for all sorts of subjects. Flowers could be done this way. Instead of using photos directly, they could be turned into digital paintings and varied as needed. I will be experimenting with that. One can combine flowers and butterlies in one mandala.
This technique could be used for other kinds of designs as well as the mandalas. Anytime you want to be able to vary the color scheme on a design, this is a way to set it up. I could see doing this with fish, birds, turtles and lizards, angels as well as people in costume. I am sure you can find other applications.

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