Friday, September 10, 2010

Mandala Array Elements

I have revisited the pink tree bells and created a new mandala and what I call a mandala array in which I create a complex of various elements radiating out from the central mandala. In the process, I created these designs for use in the arrays. They are all made by taking triangular cutouts from photos of flower petals. I then made a dodecagon for the center, stars and diamond shapes. I kept the mandala relatively simple so that it would work well in the array.
I also show an array expanded into a larger pattern which could actually be used for something like wallpaper. It could be expanded as much as necessary. I will show in more detail how to do the array at another time and even provide you with a template for doing so.
The mandala array on the blue background has another innovation. Up until now, I have been using a rectangular grid pattern for the backgrounds. While these are interesting and have many uses; for the mandalas, a radiating pattern makes a lot more sense. See my Emerging Patterns blog for the post of this same date, for more detail on that.

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