Monday, March 9, 2009


Here we have our final photo in the series. Between them, we have an interesting combination of shapes to work with. There is not much variation in color, but as you will see; we will take care of that through the magic of Photoshop.
You could do the same with Corel Photo/Paint which is the only other graphics software I have worked with. The instructions I will give are for Photoshop, but can be easily adapted to other programs. They are all magic in my view.
My aim in this tutorial is to share a process I have discovered largely by accident. I seem to have stumbled onto something unique for I don't see others doing a similar thing. I don't know why others aren't doing this. To my mind the results are beautiful and we are starting with the beauty of nature, so how can we miss?
I work mostly with flowers of the American Southwest, but the same could be done with other parts of this country, and the world.

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