Monday, March 9, 2009


Now let's take the second photo and see how it is extracted. Start by duplicating the image and labeling it as an extract of a certain type and give it a number.
There are other ways to extract images from their background. I encourage you to experiment to find what suits you best. The method I will demonstrate suits me, but may not be best for you.
If any of you have suggestions of better ways to do this, then please share them with us.
I then go to filters and choose extract using Photoshop CS2. You could take a lot of time to outline in detail. You could also use the "smart tool" function, but I find it kind of dumb; or maybe I'm just too dumb to use it correctly. I also understand that you lucky CS3 users have new options which are impressive.
I generally don't take a lot of time trying to outline in detail; rather, I make a broad outline, fill, preview, and OK the extraction. I wind up with this image on the checkerboard background which jpg won't show.

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